Child Custody

Child custody (now referred to as allocation of parental responsibilities)  encompasses two components: allocation of parenting time and allocation of authority to make major decisions affecting the children.  Decisions regarding a child’s education, religion, healthcare and extracurricular activities are deemed to be major decisions under Illinois law.

The determination of custody/parental responsibility and parenting time profoundly impacts a family in many ways, including the amount of time the children spend with each parent, where children will live, which school they will attend, and which parent is vested with the power to make major decisions affecting their children.

Needless to say, a parent facing a legal dispute regarding custody, parenting time, and/or allocation of decision making authority often feels extremely stressed and overwhelmed.  At Strategic Divorce, our custody attorneys work closely with our clients and provide them with the support, expertise and knowledge to help them successfully navigate their way through these challenging issues.  Strategic Divorce custody attorneys have a wealth of experience in handling cases involving child custody and allocation of parental responsibilities.  We recognize that each client and their family’s needs are unique and tailor our approach to best serve our client’s individual interests.  Our attorneys are highly skilled negotiators who work diligently to achieve an amicable resolution in child custody and allocation of parental responsibility cases.  In the event that settlement is not possible, our attorneys are formidable custody litigators who will zealously advocate for our clients to achieve an optimal outcome at trial.

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